Halina Purzyc

Halina Purzyc, DVM, Ph.D

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Unit of Animal Anatomy

Office Address:
51-631 Wrocław
ul. Kożuchowska 5
Phone: +48 71 320 5769
Fax: +48 71 320 5795
Email Address: halina.purzyc@up.wroc.pl

Ph.D – morohometry of Hucul horses (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, SGGW – Warsaw, 2006)

Special interests:
Animal anatomy (especially dog, cat and horse): neuroanatomy, morphology and morphometry of horses, MRI, TC.

Professional Experience and Qualifications:
- Specialist of epizootiology (National Polish Specialization, 2006)
- Specialist of horses disease (National Polish Specialization, 2009)

Animal anatomy.

Horses morphology and morphometry; neuroanatomy; advanced imaging – anatomical study.

- Department of Animal Anatomy at the University of veterinary medicine and pharmacy in Košice, Slovak Republic.

Membership in Scientific organizations:

- Polish Association of Veterinary Medicine
- Polish Association of Anatomy
- European Association of Veterinary Anatomists
- European Association for Animal Production

Selected Recent Publications: